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ARSENAL OF FIRE - Paul K. P. Ang - Team Resh Shop


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The Arsenal of Fire brings you into the supernatural encounter of Paul KP Ang with the raw Fire from Heaven and how he was transformed into a burning flame. That tangible experience was like a powerful 440 volts electricity current surging through his body, turning him into a “spiritual powerhouse”.

From that eventful day onwards, his life was never the same again. He continued to experience the same powerful electricity current surging from his hand to his body daily for several years and eventually turned him into a man of supernatural, signs and wonders. He was empowered with an authority and power from on high. When he speaks and raise his hands, heaven respond. Not only is he set ablaze by the Fire from Heaven, but he was also bestowed with the gift to enable others to experience this Arsenal of Fire from Heaven and empowering them to move into their God given destinies.

As a successful entrepreneur before, Paul's supernatural journey has been remarkable and surprised many. Many have been blessed and inspired by Paul's story, a supernatural encounter with a supernatural Creator of the Universe. If you are hungry for the supernatural power of Heaven, this book is for you.

This book is written and recommended for:

- Readers who are in search of their Creator, the Creator of Heaven and Earth

- Readers who are in search of their true purpose of existence and their God given destinies on this earth

- Readers who are in need of spiritual empowerment from Heaven to move into their higher purpose and potential in life